The Top 4 Car Marketing Campaigns in Recent Years

When you think of car marketing campaigns, there likely are a few that come to the front of your mind right away. Most of them have something sophisticated, funny or exciting about them. After all, advertising is supposed to bring out your emotions and play on them to get you to consider purchasing whatever the product or service is, right?

The following 4 campaigns are especially interesting. Read on for the ads that are sure to “rev your engine” with motivation to buy (or just laugh) whenever you watch them, before or after you take a defensive driving course, or interact with them online.

The Citroën C1 Connexion

Don’t you love to have control over the details of what you buy? When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, having this ability especially would be amazing. This is entirely possible with the Citroën C1 Connexion.  It is the first crowd-sourced car in the entire world. This ingenious campaign asked for Facebook fans to state what their ideal car should be like.

There ended up being more than 24,000 versions of the final car submitted. This all effectively boosted social engagement for the company. Best of all, it made them 500 real car sales.

Nissan JUKE

Anyone who is a big fan of superheroes will love this – Nissan decided to take the JUKE and model the 2014 car after the Batmobile. This was in conjunction with the release of The Dark Knight rises.

It started out as a straightforward collaboration for the brand, though more than 230,000 users became involved through the online channels. This inspired Nissan to ramp things up, and they produced a true Batmobile version of the car. The team at Nissan truly was using their creative powers for good, testing it on a smaller scale before bringing out something that was totally exciting to the general public. If you live in the Big Apple and thinking about purchasing one, find out where to buy used cars in NY.

McLaren Supercar

There is not such a broad appeal when it comes to supercars. First of all, many people tend to think that it is outside of their budget. While it may be the case, McLaren wanted to make sure that more individuals would engage with the brand and see what they could get for their money.

The way that this happened, is that McLaren decided to appeal to the inner geek in many people. They put together an amazing video that shows off the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The company made it into a viral campaign, sharing the video in such a way that it garnered views by 180,000 fans. Also, they created a car configurator that people could use through the website to check out the options that are available as they got closer to making a purchase.

Chevrolet Trax

In 2015, Chevrolet launched its social media influencer campaign. They put together a means for the influencers to capture their journeys in the vehicle, heading off to out-of-the-way locales in New York and Chicago. These individuals used social media, including Instagram and Twitter, to document the drive and showcase the stunning beauty and sleek power of the 2015 Trax.

The campaign also served to show what the cities had to offer in terms of entertainment, beautiful scenery and more. Each of the participants had to begin in Chicago, and were given an itinerary for traveling by the senior manager of social media for Chevrolet. The company also created long-form videos that collected bits of each of the participant’s experiences along the way.

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