Stretching the idea of a magazine rack

If you think a magazine rack is just a magazine rack then think again. With just a little imagination that magazine rack can become a centre piece of reception areas, lounges; in fact anywhere where visitors and customers might have to wait for a while.

Tables incorporating magazine racks are now the latest in making the most of space, especially in crystal clear Perspex with or without ‘glass effect’ silicon tops. Because they are completely transparent, they appear to take up no space at all, just a table top moulded onto a W profile leg that acts as the magazine rack. This is a very clever piece of design for which we have to thank the designers at; but then they have a lot of experience doing very smart things with all types of plastics, especially for commercial, hotel and retail applications,

Take, for example, their dining tray for guests who prefer their breakfast in bed. A minimalist mastery of the acrylic folder’s art and incorporating, of course, a magazine rack for those essential morning papers. No less elegant, even if designed primarily for maximising the efficient use of space, are the magazine racks for bulk display. Suitable for shops, libraries, for magazines or brochures; these units allow the browsing customer a clear view through the rack to read the front page. They are available in a range of sizes and slotted with a variety of fittings to allow slants and angles where required.

Equally effective in showing off the magazines are the neat units available for slatted wall fixtures. These easy to clean racks don’t hide the product, even when they’re destined for the top shelf.

So if you do think a magazine rack is just a magazine rack, take a trip to the GPX Group; you’ll be surprised.

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