Social Network Management: Need or Want?

Mobile devices are poised to outperform desktop and become the dominant advertising platform in 2017, a year before the previous forecast.” Randall M. Rist.

According to the article, “Online mobile advertising to outperform desktop advertising in 2017” on the news site Toriotech, the rapid adoption of mobile devices as the primary way in which people access the internet is as a result of the high speed internet and rapid development of mobile advertising market. Experts originally predicted that this would happen in 2018; however, the adoption rate of mobile devices as opposed to desktop/laptop computers has reached its anticipated date 1 year earlier than expected.

Social media is also fast becoming the premier marketing tool for the present and future generations. The reason for this is that people are moving from using desktop/laptop computers to using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The instant access to the internet and social media platforms is changing the way people think and behave. People want to know what their favorite sporting icons, fashionistas, and celebrities are doing and wearing real time.

Advertisers have caught onto this fact and have coined the term “influencer marketing”. In other words, big corporations and SMEs are now sponsoring influential people to promote their brands. A good example of this is a premier basketball shoe brand sponsors one of the world’s top basketball stars and, as a result, everyone wants to wear the same shoes as he is wearing; thus he is influencing people’s purchasing habits.

Unfortunately, social media marketing can easily spiral out of control. How do you stop it from spiraling out of control? How do you keep track of the impact of your company’s social media marketing strategy? What happens if you plan and effect a particular marketing strategy and it has a negative effect instead of a positive effect? How will you know to change your marketing campaign – after the damage is done or real time?

Fortunately, there are social network management companies who make it their business to monitor and analyze the results of your social marketing campaigns. Audience behavior is also investigated. This is especially useful when identifying the effects of your campaigns and for identifying the types of users your campaigns are attracting.

A social media analytics tool forms part of the social network management platform and can analyze the following aspects of your marketing campaign:

  • The quality of the content created as part of your social media marketing campaign.
  • Your target community’s response to your campaign
  • The percentage of traffic back to your source website as a result of your campaign.
  • Sentiment analysis. In other words, how does your target audience feel about your campaign – positive, negative, or indifferent?
  • Competitor benchmarking – does your campaign measure up to your competition? Is it better or worse than your competition?

Finally, in the fast-paced world of social media marketing, it is a good idea to consider a social media network management and social media analytics tool. It is important for your company to be a crowd-leader rather than a crowd follower.

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