Skype Translation Tech

Skype is good for video conferencing. It is an easy way to speak with business associates who abroad. But normally when you need to talk to someone whose first language is not English, you had to use a professional telephone interpreter. But with the new Skype translator your speech is translated automatically into any language in real time.

Microsoft revealed the technology two years ago but it was not good enough to release. But developments in neural network-based speech recognition have reduced errors in speech recognition by over 30% so it’s now ready for public use.

Skype Translator is based on the same technology from Microsoft’s Cortana, which is the personal voice assistant for Windows Phone (like siri). But is real time machine translation through video conferencing equal to a professional interpreter? It might be easier in some respects but but the standard of translation is not yet as accurate as professional human translation. Contact EmpowerLingua for professional interpreting services if you want to be sure of the highest quality translation.

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