Skills You’ll Gain from a Marketing Degree 

If you already have your bachelor’s degree but you’re considering going above and beyond, an MBA in marketing can help you shine even in a competitive job market. There are certain skills that are helpful in any career that you choose, and an advanced degree in marketing can help you develop and hone several skills that will make you a valuable employee.

Public Speaking

When you pursue an MBA, part of the program ensures that you become comfortable delivering presentations to peers and mentors. Public speaking and verbal communication are common fears and a source of trouble for many job seekers, so it’s always a plus if you’re able to communicate confidently and effectively. Even if public speaking isn’t required for your career of choice, you’ll increase your chances of acing interviews simply by being well spoken.

Time Management

Earning your MBA from Washington State is no easy task, as this executive MBA program is usually completed in conjunction with a full-time job. After you’ve completed your program, you’ll be able to show your current and future employers that you’re able to handle anything that’s on your plate and meet strict deadlines. All businesses need employees that are self-starters and able to manage their responsibilities without being micromanaged, and you’ll develop this ability while working towards your MBA.

Creative Thinking

One of the most valuable assets that you’ll gain from a marketing degree is creative thinking. You probably chose to pursue a degree in marketing because you were born with the gift of creativity, but like other skills, creativity can be enhanced with education and practice. Advanced marketing degrees are all about going the extra mile to develop your critical thinking skills to help you become extremely competitive in your field.

Futuristic Thinking

When you have a marketing career in mind, you never let yourself get stuck in the past. While there are certainly some benefits to tried and true tactics, marketers are always looking ahead to the future. Your career hinges on your ability to innovate and think creatively, so it makes sense to dream big and stay on top of current technology. If you love the idea of using the latest technology and strategies to reach more people, consider going for an advanced degree to help you get a jump-start in the marketing industry. If you’re short on time and not able to attend classes in person, Maryville offers an online MBA in Marketing.

Written Communication

Whether you’re writing a cover letter, drafting an email to a colleague, or crafting a newsletter to send out to thousands of potential customers, it’s of the utmost importance to have solid writing skills. By pursuing a degree in marketing, you’ll ensure that your writing skills are up to par. Copywriting and communication courses are part of most marketing degrees, and these types of rigorous courses challenge students to improve their writing so they’ll be prepared for the future. In most office jobs, written communication is a part of daily life, and getting a leg up from getting plenty of practice and critique is helpful.

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