How Much is Too Much Creativity in Web Design?

Website design and creativity are often associated with each other. That’s why, more often than not, creative people are attracted to web design. However, if you’ve been in the industry long enough, you have probably realised how web design is more about the user interface, user experience, and conversion rate than creativity. As a result, the question is: should you abandon creativity to create a great web design?

A Case for Usability and Accessibility

Since websites are usually geared towards getting conversions from visitors to returning customers, your website must be geared towards its users. If you study user psychology, you’ll learn that when people visit your website, you arouse a set of feelings within them. As a result, they will create an impression of your brand (in less than 50 milliseconds), which will affect whether or not they will register and purchase your product or services.

In order for visitors to do what you want them to do, you have to create a convincing design. This means that you can’t use too much content, too complicated layout, and solutions to problems that are too confusing. Otherwise, users will end up as baffling or irritating users, and you will consequently lose them, and their business.

According to research, users usually prefer a website design that is not too complex or unfamiliar. And since people don’t like to exert much effort and do much thinking, simplicity is important. In fact, there are already established standards as to where you place a graphic design logo, search bar, content, etc. on a website. When you think about it, there are a lot of restrictions in web design with the end goal of ensuring a great user interface.

A Case for Creativity

Since the set of conventions and standards around website design, is distributed throughout the internet, the best way to design a website has become accessible to professionals and non-designers alike. This is a good thing, as it allows anyone to design their own websites However, it can also be dangerous as more and more people are choosing the easy route, and copying other websites on the internet. You probably have noted that there are many websites that look alike.

It’s rare to see a website that is creative and deviates from the norm. However, just because you have to please your users does not mean you have to stop being creative. In order to stand out from the million other websites available on the internet, you need to have a clear goal of how you want your website to look. Personalize it; make it your own. Is the concept too complicated for users? Then, tone it down a bit. Do not use prefabricated templates.

You can also apply creativity in your visual schema or outlay. You can experiment with different typefaces and colour schemes. You can also manipulate balance, spacing, and hierarchy. Lastly, you can make your own original illustrations and effects. If you are not confident enough with your skills, you can always hire expert designers.


While it’s true that a web designer must conform to the standards that adhere to the psychology of how users interact with website elements, it does not mean that you cannot be creative when designing your website. On the other hand, too much creativity may kill your site, but a touch of imagination and ingenuity might be exactly what you need to make your website stand out!

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