Google Analytics Role In SEO Campaign


Starting a web business is easy but it requires lots of efforts and dedication to keep it running and make it profitable. Your SEO campaign which is well planned, customized and dedicated is important. Also it is important that you track all the performance and SEO campaign so that you can know how you are going and what you need to do further to enhance your website exposure. Although there are many paid tools which are highly reliable, effective and worth investing in, Google Analytics is one free tool that is most recommended which provides you best results.

The rate at which Google is lumping keywords has skyrocketed in the last few months, leading to the huge drop in the referral data. You can now track your conversion rates in Google analytics. If you are using this tool, and you are trying hard to enhance your website performance then keep reading.

Google Analytics is a useful tool that is available at free of cost from Google. The tool is in demand for its accurate tracking website statistics. Today the majority of the SEO professionals are using this tool to get the better page ranking and avoid the flaws. Now that you are aware of the basic functioning of this tool, you are all set to dig in deeper and learn more about the Google analytics role in SEO campaign.

Traffic Overview: Google analytics reveals the percentage of the viewers who found your website through search engines and other resources and referrals. Higher is the better and if you have an organic SEO campaign you will be getting lots of traffic. The free tool shows the percentage of the direct traffic that your website receives, for instance the people who have typed in your URL. It shows referring websites – it is when the visitor clicks on the link to your website from another site. And it also shows you the search engine traffic which comes from various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Keyword Tracking: Using Google analytics reveals all that you need to know about your chosen keywords. You may know that the your carefully chosen keywords might not be the most appropriate ones or you are missing out a point or two that you had initially thought of to be not so lucrative. This way you can work better on choosing your keywords and getting better traffic through them.

Content Overview: the tool also helps you to monitor the most visited web pages, the time people spend on particular pages. This means that you can concentrate on your highest converting key phrases around these web pages to attract more viewers. If you find that the content you have on your website does not appeal your users you can hire a SEO services such as SEO services Mumbai to get better SEO content for your business which can help a lot.

Bounce Rate: With the help of Google Analytics, you will be able to find out how many viewers in a day are visiting your page and how much time they spend on the web page. If the time limit is less, this means that the viewers are not finding the information they are searching for hence leave the page. The tool will help you in minimizing the bounce rate. It is well worth taking the opportunity to re-design the page, content, images etc.

Improve Your Conversions: This tool can practically improve your conversion rates. You can monitor the seasonal/market trends and build upon your page seeing what works. Google Analytics plays a vital role in SEO campaign and provides and extensive amount of helpful information to improve your website performance.

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