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How to Be a Leslie Knope: 5 Real-Life Public Administration Skills to Learn From “Parks and Recreation”

The hit television series “Parks and Recreation” follows the antics of Leslie Knope, the parks and recreation director for the city of Pawnee, Indiana. If you are looking to stand out in the world of public administration, you can gain real tips from this character that will help you to land a great job in

Stretching the idea of a magazine rack

If you think a magazine rack is just a magazine rack then think again. With just a little imagination that magazine rack can become a centre piece of reception areas, lounges; in fact anywhere where visitors and customers might have to wait for a while. Tables incorporating magazine racks are now the latest in making

Top content marketing mistakes that you are likely to make and that you must avoid.

The internet is being widely used for gathering chunks of information from all over the globe. This is an excellent way for new as well as popular businesses to help spread the word about latest developments in their business or any such exciting event through attractive content. However, the fact that you have an extremely

Cheap Bed and breakfasts hotels Victoria London

You would not have to give it a second thought to choose St. George’s Inn Victoria, budget bed and breakfast hotels In Victoria London. The facilities and the location of our cheap bed and breakfast in London will spoil you for your stay in this world city. London is home various cultures from all over

Taking The Meeting Out Of The Office: New Avenues For Customer Interaction

With all of the technological changes that have occurred just in the last five years, it is no wonder that business is changing rapidly as well.  Where once you had to sit in the same room and have a conference for a sales pitch, many companies are moving to exclusively online interactions.  If you want

Managing new faces: How has the UK’s workforce changed?

There has been a marked change in the makeup of the UK’s workforce over the past generation that has led to the creation of different views. This means individuals coming into a job in the 21st century will approach it in a different way to how their parents did a number of years ago. When

Centralized CRM for Small Business

The CRM for small business is a centralized system for management. It can be connected with other IT structures within a company, to create an integrated system at the disposal of the company. One of the innovating facilities offered by those programs is the possibility to create a centralized plan for annual marketing. The Marketing

The 5 Most Coveted Jobs in Applied Psychology

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the job outlook for psychologists is expected to grow by 22 percent in the next six years. This growth rate is significantly higher than that of the majority of occupations, and there is a growing need for applied psychologists who can address the psychological needs of companies, schools and

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