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Expanding Your Business Safely

When you’re running a business, your watchword should always be ‘growth’. You need to have your plans for the future from day one. Merely surviving isn’t enough. If you’re content to simply stay in place you’ll be overtaken by hungrier, more proactive competitors, or capsized when the market goes through a change and you simply

Are We Ready for Widespread Use of AI in the IT Sector?

When artificial intelligence and automation are mentioned, many people assume that their jobs will be threatened. Although AI is still in the process of development, people fear that in the near future they will be completely replaced by all sorts of robots, machines and automation tools and that there won’t be enough job opportunities left

Buying a Car Online

The Internet has delivered a world of new and used cars from every corner of the globe right to our fingertips. You want a purple Mazda convertible with blacked out wheels and fur trimmed seats? Good luck with that search, it could be out there somewhere. But, for practically any standard make, model and trim

The Top 4 Car Marketing Campaigns in Recent Years

When you think of car marketing campaigns, there likely are a few that come to the front of your mind right away. Most of them have something sophisticated, funny or exciting about them. After all, advertising is supposed to bring out your emotions and play on them to get you to consider purchasing whatever the

5 Common Video Marketing Mistakes Beginners Must Avoid

Video marketing these days is the best way to generate successful leads. Smart phones have made people a little impatient when it comes to reading long articles and blogs. This is why they prefer watching videos on the go instead. Video marketing is highly effective and today, almost every business has a video to market

The 4 trends which have engulfed marketing this year

A couple of decades ago, a marketing plan was simple to say the least. It might have been comprised of some sort of leaflet approach – attempting to target people as granular as possible through traditional postal marketing. Suffice to say, those days are gone. While postal marketing certainly does still play a part, there’s

Currency fluctuation – How the best investors take advantage

Whenever there is a significant shift in currency rates, the media goes wild. Usually, the worst case scenarios are highlighted although for some savvy investors, it doesn’t have to be like this. In fact, there are plenty of investors out there who will take full advantage as soon as a shift in currency is noted.

Top trends focusing on private equity investment

Like all types of finance, private equity tends to go through phases. While one industry might seemingly be fashionable one decade, another will soon arise and take over a short while later. It’s what makes the world of finance go around. You’ve only got to look at Marc Leder and his Sun Capital firm who

How Much is Too Much Creativity in Web Design?

Website design and creativity are often associated with each other. That’s why, more often than not, creative people are attracted to web design. However, if you’ve been in the industry long enough, you have probably realised how web design is more about the user interface, user experience, and conversion rate than creativity. As a result,

Two Reasons to Pay for Office Therapy

In today’s economic environment, everybody is thinking if their job is safe. It’s not just that but certain persons feel hassled to produce results, there can be a clash of characters as well as being busy with work constantly. Battling high levels of anxiety is not as uncommon as you may think, it is actually

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