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4 Reasons you Should Hire an App Development Agency

There’s now a mobile app for nearly everything internet users need. Be it streaming online content, banking, downloading content, shopping, checking the weather, or comparing product reviews, everything can be done via a user-friendly mobile app. No wonder mobile users spend 89 percent of their mobile media time interacting with apps. Also, a recent report

Expanding Your Business Safely

When you’re running a business, your watchword should always be ‘growth’. You need to have your plans for the future from day one. Merely surviving isn’t enough. If you’re content to simply stay in place you’ll be overtaken by hungrier, more proactive competitors, or capsized when the market goes through a change and you simply

Are We Ready for Widespread Use of AI in the IT Sector?

When artificial intelligence and automation are mentioned, many people assume that their jobs will be threatened. Although AI is still in the process of development, people fear that in the near future they will be completely replaced by all sorts of robots, machines and automation tools and that there won’t be enough job opportunities left

Marketing Basics

When it comes to marketing, there are a number of factors that come into play when trying to get your business out there and make it a successful competitor in the world of commerce. Many of us have a strong association with marketing and advertising to the point of conflating the two. However, marketing is

Buying a Car Online

The Internet has delivered a world of new and used cars from every corner of the globe right to our fingertips. You want a purple Mazda convertible with blacked out wheels and fur trimmed seats? Good luck with that search, it could be out there somewhere. But, for practically any standard make, model and trim

Digital Excellence 101: Strategies That Will Make Your Brand More Successful Online

Business owners who are interested in making their companies successful in digital spaces should recognize the efficacy of operating in a strategic, organized manner. Below you’ll find just a few of many strategies that can be implemented to make your brand more successful online: Work on Website Optimization. One strategy you can deploy to make

Skype Translation Tech

Skype is good for video conferencing. It is an easy way to speak with business associates who abroad. But normally when you need to talk to someone whose first language is not English, you had to use a professional telephone interpreter. But with the new Skype translator your speech is translated automatically into any language

Two Reasons to Pay for Office Therapy

In today’s economic environment, everybody is thinking if their job is safe. It’s not just that but certain persons feel hassled to produce results, there can be a clash of characters as well as being busy with work constantly. Battling high levels of anxiety is not as uncommon as you may think, it is actually

5 Tips For Running A SM Contest

Social media contests are daunting even for the most well-practiced marketers. While it seems like a simple process, many companies often leave out important steps that contribute to the overall success of the campaign. Through careful consideration of your company’s end goals as well as a thorough promotion strategy, your contest is much more likely

How to Be a Leslie Knope: 5 Real-Life Public Administration Skills to Learn From “Parks and Recreation”

The hit television series “Parks and Recreation” follows the antics of Leslie Knope, the parks and recreation director for the city of Pawnee, Indiana. If you are looking to stand out in the world of public administration, you can gain real tips from this character that will help you to land a great job in

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