5 Common Video Marketing Mistakes Beginners Must Avoid

Video marketing these days is the best way to generate successful leads. Smart phones have made people a little impatient when it comes to reading long articles and blogs. This is why they prefer watching videos on the go instead.

Video marketing is highly effective and today, almost every business has a video to market themselves. Being one of the most successful ways to market your content, there are certain things that should be avoided for successful video marketing.

1. Content does not Appeal to the Target Market

People think that saying a few words in front of the camera can get the message across. It may do that verbally, but the content should entice the person. They should be compelled to show the content to others. That is the way to market videos successfully.

The first thing you need to know is the target market and what they might be interested in seeing. If a video is supposed to market a protein supplement, but is presented by someone who is unfit, it may not be as compelling as showing someone who has used the supplement to gain a lot of muscle.

If you are someone who makes VLOGS, you need to make sure that you are not trying to be someone you’re not. One of the secrets to growing your YouTube subscribers is to be yourself and generate good content by being in your comfort zone.

2. Not Including a Call to Action

Content is extremely important, but marketing the product which is paying you to make the video is equally important. Call to actions should not be generic. A good call to action needs to be subtle and embedded in the content. Nobody likes the product being shoved in their face.

Another one of the secrets to growing your YouTube subscribers includes asking your viewer to subscribe to your channel and promising them more good content in the future.

3. Making a Long Video

Unless the video is about tutorials, making a long video will always make people move to other things. Make sure your video is not too long and the subject does not feel like it is being dragged on for long. Today’s entertainment is based on fast content. Keep it to two minutes if you can.

4. Jumping from Subject to Subject

Do not jump from one subject to the other. This makes it harder for a viewer to stay with the content. If you are doing a video on how to clean your window for a window cleaning product, keep cleaning your windshield as a separate video subject.

5. Not Being Well Connected

Staying connected in today’s world is extremely important for people to see your content. Make sure your YouTube page is linked to a Facebook page and Instagram Timeline. People like switching from one app to the other and receive notifications simultaneously from all apps which can be helpful in bringing them to your content.



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