Month: October 2016

Social Network Management: Need or Want?

“Mobile devices are poised to outperform desktop and become the dominant advertising platform in 2017, a year before the previous forecast.” Randall M. Rist. According to the article, “Online mobile advertising to outperform desktop advertising in 2017” on the news site Toriotech, the rapid adoption of mobile devices as the primary way in which people

How to go About Conducting a Marketing Plan

Making a marketing plan for you and your business is an absolute must, there is so much competition in all forms of business and if you want success then you need to stand out from the crowd. If you aren’t already marketing, or are just doing so on a small scale then it is time

The 4 trends which have engulfed marketing this year

A couple of decades ago, a marketing plan was simple to say the least. It might have been comprised of some sort of leaflet approach – attempting to target people as granular as possible through traditional postal marketing. Suffice to say, those days are gone. While postal marketing certainly does still play a part, there’s

Currency fluctuation – How the best investors take advantage

Whenever there is a significant shift in currency rates, the media goes wild. Usually, the worst case scenarios are highlighted although for some savvy investors, it doesn’t have to be like this. In fact, there are plenty of investors out there who will take full advantage as soon as a shift in currency is noted.

TV Commercials – More than meets the eye

For those not involved in the advertising industry, a TV commercial is TV commercial – there’s no two ways about it. However, if you’ve studied this industry in further detail, you’d note that this is by no means true. The television industry has progressed immensely over the decades, to an extent where there are umpteen

Top trends focusing on private equity investment

Like all types of finance, private equity tends to go through phases. While one industry might seemingly be fashionable one decade, another will soon arise and take over a short while later. It’s what makes the world of finance go around. You’ve only got to look at Marc Leder and his Sun Capital firm who

Four steps to securing your website

As each passing day brings with it news of another leak of personal information over the Internet. Whether it is credit card information for millions of users or their login and passwords, personal nude photos of celebrities or even 1000’s of pages of classified government data — the world of hackers leaves no website untouched.

How to Break Through a Poor Reputation and Become Successful

An online reputation is basically the image that people get from you. An online reputation management company basically manages that image. This is very important, because customers try to find out about you before they even decide to come to you. People sometimes don’t make purchases as a result of negative reviews. Some Considerations 59%